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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moola - not gonna make you any money

The web game that allows users to play each other in various "chance" games - each time for an all or nothing bet against another human- which makes it difficult at best to advance.

I've been a member with Moola for a while now and can confidently say that I do not believe Moola to be a worthwhile business venture. I have 63 games played at Moola and I've won 31 of those, lost the other 29. This means my win/loss ration is almost 50/50. How am I ever suppose to climb a 30 step ladder if everygame is a 50/50 shot at losing everything I've won thus far.

The highest I've gotten in the Moola rankings is level 8; which was insanely difficult and still only pays $2.56. You can't even cash out at that point. All in all; if its money you seek - moolah is not a great way to get it. They do have some fun odds based multiplayer games though... If you still want to give your shot at the lottery-like chances of winning it big with Moola, then leave a comment and I'll get an invitation over to you

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