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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Four Factors Of Creating Impulse

I recently did an internship with a door-2-door, business-2-business, sales/marketing/promotion firm. We would sell discount cards to business employees and employers; in person. I strongly believe that the concepts and ideas used for this painstaking sales technique can be changed and adapted for any sales position.

4 Factors
The Best way to get good at using your factors is through experience.
The best way to gain experience is through practice, so see as many people as possible and experiment using these tactics throughout your pitch. It may be helpful to focus on one at a time until you get good.

1) Fear of Loss
-This is a test market promotion
-Only a few left
-Only in the areas today
-Can't leave a business card and can't come back

If we are truly promoting and not "selling", then this is a limited offer that can only be obtained today. Keep in mind, we only print a
limited number of promotions for each campaign, we do sell out, we don't come back unless it's by chance or mistake, we can't leave a business card, and if you are doing your job throughout the day, you probably only have a couple left... so tell them.

2) Indifference
-Truly must not care about the sale... it's a law of averages and sooner or later one of the people I give my pitch to will be a qualified buyer.
-Just promoting
-Somebody else will get it
-If this person is not interested; then do not waste your time or their time with a pitch. You have a lot of people to talk to and by getting the unqualified buyers through with are part of how the Law of Averages works.

The more you want someone to pick up the promotion the less of a chance they will. You want to get them excited about it, but truly don't care if they buy it or not. Have the mentality that someone else will. Also, your body language says a lot.
Act like you don't care with how you position yourself, your mannerisms, facial expressions, etc.

3) Greed
-Everybody is getting it
-The reason why they are is...

People are greedy, plain and simple. If they can see that someone else has participated, they are more apt to consider it. Most people don't like to feel they are the first or only one to participate, so show them they aren't. Use your stubs and tell them how and why everyone is picking them up.

4) Sense of Urgency
-Required to see 150 different businesses have to get going
-Only here today, need to decide now

Remember, our client hires us for word of mouth advertising. They want us to talk to as many people as possible.
Therefore, we have to keep moving at a fast rate. Let the people know you have 150 businesses to see, and that you are running out of time.

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