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Monday, June 25, 2007

You'll Be Suprised How Good You Are at Being Other People

I'm sure everybody has seen a montage from a Hollywood film. They generally involve a lot of effort by the characters in them, and are usually set to inspirational music. Everyone remembers the rocky montage's, rocky running down the streets of Philadelphia, shadow boxing, and doing sit-ups all to the Rocky theme song. Just thinking about the song makes a lot of people hum 'Getting stronger'. Montages have been a part of Hollywood for many years. One interesting way to deal with stress or large workloads that I've realized is to pretend like life itself is a montage. Let Me Explain. You've got a pile of work and you don't know how you are going to stay focused for the 2+ hours that it's going to require to finish the work - This is where the Montage Theory comes in handy. Instead of stressing out over the workload, now imagine that you are a character in a movie. Or if you prefer, you are the actor. You are filming the montage for your movie, so it's time to get down to business so you can be an inspirational montage for someone else. I find that this method helps me deal with the anxiousness of having a large amount of things to do.I use this method all the time. I wake-up late for class; I have 5 minutes before class starts: I could go back to bed and miss class or I could get up and race to get dressed and sprint to class. After thinking for a second I imagine myself as someone in a montage and I can just picture the film in my mind. Kid wakes up late, scrambles to get dressed and sprints out the door and barely makes it to class on time- so I make it a reality, its fun acting like people in movies because sometimes it allows you to do things that you wouldn't normally do.I find that by taking yourself out of the equation and instead of "acting" like you, play a role. Like play the role of the student from "Van Wilder": waking up late and sprinting to class only to just barely get to his last final on time. Play the role of gym rat once you step in the gym, but once you leave; your life doesn't have to be all-about lifting.Now I'm not a psychologist; but I know that I use this method and it helps me from time to time. I know a few friends who I've told about the montage theory and they claim that it works well for them also- so I hope maybe someone out there can benefit from this article and is able to cope with a stressful situation a little better by imagining it as a Movie Montage

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