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Thursday, July 19, 2007


In this article from KSTP.COM, the 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS admits to having searched one-by-one all the names of the University of Minnesota's football team roster on both Facebook and Myspace.

"5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spent time Wednesday searching the Gophers roster on Web sites MySpace and Facebook and found some images that might not reflect the team very well."

So what'd they find? Everything you'd expect people to have in their myspace. Only these poor kids are being targetted because they are athletes. They all got kicked off of the team for party pictures and whatnot. "Suggestive pictures" as news agencies often site.

My question is: What the hell is going on? News agencies are digging and digging for people who were normal enough to have some funny pictures of them drinking/makingout/screwing around on facebook.

Universities are starting to tell their athletes that they may not use facebook or social networking sites because of the ease with which they can be found and publicized.

Best way to avoid this, Keep your private information... private...
I'd advise anyone who does have naught pics of them online, to try to a)limit their exposure, or b) Remove them altogether. Everytime you apply for a job they run your name now, don't let some screwy pictures online cost you a job or worse.

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Jennifer said...

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Jennifer Erskine

Associate Producer

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