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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More reasons to love Hunter S. Thumpson

Hunter S. Thompson, inventor of gonzo journalism; crazed drug user; "exotic consultant" for many movies based upon his works. Heck; this here blog is named after one of his books/movies.

Hunter S. Thompson is no doubt one of my heroes; the stream of consciousness type of writing that Gonzo journalism employs is awesome. Just letting the words pour out a they come; it can be downright therapeutic sometimes.

Well, yesturday I found yet another reason to love Hunter S. Thompson - and that is the movie "Where The Buffalo Roam".

If you're a fan at all of "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas"; then you will love "where the buffalo roam".
It's the same crazy Thompson; but this time on the presidential campaign trail. This time he is played by Bill Murray, instead of Johnny Depp. At first it might seem unlikely that Murray's performance could be as good as Depps - but it is... It's incredible how both of these actors were able to soak up what being like Thompson is like. They made themselves so weird; so crazed; that they seem identical to footage I've seen of Thompson himself. For that kind of footage, you probably wanna check out the documentary "Breakfast With Thompson" - also Awesome.

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