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Saturday, July 7, 2007

My buddy Mike: The Real Cookie Monster

Hey yall, this here is a short film I made, documenting my friend Mike's insanely unhealthy eating habits.

I made it to:
A) Let people laugh at how gross he is
B) Show him how unhealthy he is and provide him with like an "intervention" of sorts for his diet.

It did not work; he just laughed at himself on video and told me to keep rewinding the part when he burps. I dunno, you try and tell a buddy you're concerned for his well-being and he dosen't take you seriously..

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, he should go to the store and buy Zyrtec. It does wonders for heartburn. However I fear that might just perpetuate his bad eating habits. I had the same problem. I have lost like 40 pounds though and now the heartburn is much much less of an issue.