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Monday, July 2, 2007

Ratatouille - I haven't loved animation this much in years

I saw Ratatouille last night; Pixar's lastest gem that is sweeping the movie industry as the best animated movie since "The Incredibles... and... I have to agree. This movie is awesome. It is so beautiful to watch; delightful to listen to and the plot/storyline/characters and script are awesome. This movie brings us along for the journey of a some-what outcast rat, Remy, who dreams bigger then himself and hopes to become a french gourmet chef. This movie has some of the most classic scenarios and slapstick humor that i've ever seen. Definitely a movie I want to see again while it's still in theatres. As simple as it is; it's still amazing and leaves you with that happy, content, satisfied feeling once the credits start rolling. This movie has reinvigorated my opinion of animated films and has won my support as being among the best movies I have seen (and probably will see) this summer.

Even the animated short "Lifted" that is shown before the feature presentation is awesome.

I loved Ratatoulle and I think most people would too

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