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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everyone is selling something

I'm brand new at this blogging thing; and it has become quite apparent...
That the big blogs I am finding all have one thing in common:
They all seek to sell things to people starting up blogs..
Classes! E-Books! Subscriptions!

I totally understand why; there must be a gi-normous amount of people out there flooding to the blogging industry; trying to make a full-time pay out of part-time blogging.

I did want to make this blog about making money online; and how to avoid scams and how to ACTUALLY profit from your time online. Which I absolutely did with and writing articles for them (albeit at like less than $5.00 on average per article). I'm thinking I might want to change where I had this blog going - maybe not-so-much about making money online.

There are definitely alot of areas of interest of mine that I could write about: current events, life philosophies, fitness/wellness, business startups (offline that is), college, life at my particular college, music, maybe even like promoting local concerts and whatnot. Maybe like a philly thing. Not sure... Guess I have some researching to do tonight and I'll hit you guys up tomorrow with the revised strategy for how I'm going to make this blog.

I just want to make it clear that the goals are in this order:
1) To create content that is beneficial to my readership
2) To make money from the blog

So for now; I shall brainstorm - like all bloggers should, about where their is a need for quality content & at the same time - make sure that I am in the position/authority and have the experience to be able to generate the content in that subject area for a (hopefully) lengthy period of time.

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